The Golden Goose UK Bead Goes on

Who wears the pants in Hollywood? Fashionable femmes who are skirting traditional formal attire for the latest trend: beaded trousers. "Its a new way of approaching lavish evening wear," says designer Domenico Dolce, who, like partner Stefano Gabbana, counts among his fans Whitney Houston and Salma Hayek. Star Trek: Voyagers Jeri Ryan liked the versatility of the spangly pants she sported at Decembers VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. "I didnt want to wear something really formal," she says. "I wanted to wear something more rock Golden Goose Sneakers and roll!"

"People feel safe wearing pants," explains Hollywood stylist Jeanne Yang, who garbs actress Madeleine Stowe. With bejeweled trousers, Golden Goose Sneakers UK Sale "theres comfort without sacrificing dressing up." But the style is definitely not watercooler wear. As designer Randolph Duke notes, "I havent seen many people wear beaded pants during the day."